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True story of the life journey of a woman who spent her entire adult life self-sabotaging and in bondage. The transparency and vulnerability of this memoir will resonate with every person reading this story because so many women have had experiences with rejection, approval, love, marriage, abuse, divorce, single parenting, financial ruin, heart break, depression, and complete depletion. The entire story details how the author merely existed (not living). This book is an example of how silence can be as dangerous as the trials and tribulations we experience. The readers will go from Silence to Choice to Voice…which lead to her Empowerment! This book will provide a source of hope and inspiration; encouragement; and blueprint to empowerment to every reader. Who should read this book? Anyone who wants encouragement. Anyone suffering from regrets. Anyone feeling defeated and depleted. Anyone looking to overcome the pain of their past. Anyone needing direction or guidance. Anyone who has or is dealing with rejection. Anyone battling past or present domestic abuse. Anyone dealing with issues in marriage and divorce (or other relationship issues.


The workbook will help you prepare for a life of abundance. This workbook is designed to help you experience just that! You'll learn how to: 1) Get to the Root of Your Issues, 2) Build a Community of Friends, Supporters, and Mentors, 3) Embrace Your Past as You Prepare for Your future, 4) Forgive Others and Move Forward.....and so much more. Bring along friends, or take the journey alone. No Excuses: Eight Steps to a Life of Abundance is the push you need for the future you desire. Remember, it all starts with you! What steps will you take today to secure a prosperous tomorrow?

No Excuses Book & Workbook

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