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A life of abundance can be yours - just keep God first! God Is Enough is a true story of trauma to triumph! As you read the author's unfiltered testimony, you will be able to relate to various forms of trauma and be encouraged to press past life's issues and go after everything God promised you. Veronica was married at 24, spousal abused and divorced by 25, a single parent by 26, married again by 31, divorced by 34, financially bankrupt by 35, and an empty nester by 45. The first half of her life was filled with various types of trauma and she struggled with a lack of confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. She spent her whole life caring for others and upon reaching her mid-forties, she didn't know life aside from motherhood, work, and education. She realized that she needed deliverance from a sea of trauma and to discover who she really was if she wanted to be happy and at peace. She made the decision to surrender her life to Christ in 2015. Now, in her 50's, she has discovered that God is enough through any situation, including insecurity, heartbreaks, shame, rejection, unforgiveness, loneliness, abstinence, and lack of identity, confidence, and purpose. With God, the power of her choice, led to the power of her voice, which led to her life's transformation.

God Is Enough! Keep God First (2nd)

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